UCSB encourages students, parents, faculty and staff to become familiar with campus emergency response procedures. These Web pages were developed to assist you in preparing for future emergencies and taking appropriate actions to protect yourself and others in an emergency situation.

In an actual campus emergency go to: www.ucsb.edu


Emergency Plan: Earthquakes

A step-by-step guide on Earthquake disaster management for UCSB students.

Emergency Plan: Wildfire

Key information to prepare for fire events, poor air quality, and evacuation.

Emergency Plan: Be Prepared! 

Planning ahead is the first stop to a calmer and more assured disaster response.

Emergency Plan: Hostile Intruder

A step-by-step guide on what to do in the event of a hostile intruder.

Emergency Plan: Tsunamis

A step-by-step guide on Tsunami disaster management for UCSB students.

Emergency Preparedness: UCSB Emergency Contact Numbers

A Guide on How to Best Prepare for Emergencies

Emergency Flipchart (English)

Emergency Flipchart (Spanish)

A guide to assist you in minimizing the effects of specific campus emergencies. Keep this guide where it will be immediately available for quick reference in an emergency, preferably mounted on a wall.