During Emergencies When an Elevator is Not Available for Use, the Following Procedures Have Been Developed to Handle Situations in Multi-Story Buildings for Those Unable to Use the Stairs:

  • Designated personnel should escort individuals with impaired mobility to a refuge such as an enclosed stairwell landing that leads to an exterior exit at the ground level.
  • Someone should remain with the individual while another person notifies arriving emergency personnel of the location of the person who needs assistance.
  • The instructions of the emergency responder should be followed, and no attempt should be made to move the individual to another building level unless there is imminent danger in the refuge.
  • Individuals unable to utilize the stairs and who are alone should call 911 and report the location of their planned refuge.
  • Anyone unable to reach a refuge location (for instance due to smoke), should close all doors into the area, call 911 and wait for emergency personnel to arrive.


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Emergency Response Program for Access and Functional Needs

As part of the campus Emergency Preparedness Program, we encourage members of the campus community with access and functional needs to evaluate their individual situation and determine the level of assistance they may require during an emergency. A person with one or more of the following concerns is encouraged to follow the recommendations of the Emergency Assistance Program:

  • Limitations that interfere with walking or using stairs
  • Reduced stamina, fatigue, or tire easily
  • Emotional, cognitive, thinking, or learning difficulties
  • Vision or hearing loss
  • Temporary limitations (surgery, accidents, pregnancy)
  • Use of technology or medications that could interfere with response times.

The Emergency Response Program for Access and Functional Needs provides an opportunity for faculty, staff and students to create an emergency response action plan, identify a support team for special evacuation situations, download an Emergency Assistance Response ID Card and enroll in an automated emergency notification and response system.

If you have a access and functional needs which could impact your ability to promptly respond and evacuate a building or facility during an emergency, please review the following planning and resource information and contact the appropriate campus departments for advice and assistance.

Download the Emergency Assistance Program

Campus Emergency Preparedness Manager

Jim Caesar, (805) 450-1437

Staff and Faculty

Elizabeth Hammond, Disability Services Manager, Human Resources, (805) 893-8571


Disabled Students Program, (805) 893-2668

General Public

ADA Compliance Office, (805) 893-2184