Suspicious Package/Letter/Object:

  1. If you receive or discover a suspicious package, letter or object, do not touch, tamper with, or move it.
  2. Report it immediately to Police at 911 (or 9-911 from a campus phone).

Characteristics of Suspicious Letters and Packages:

  1. Origin - Postmark doesn’t match the city of the return address, name of sender is unusual or unknown, or no return address is given.
  2. Postage - Excessive or inadequate postage.
  3. Balance - The letter is lopsided, unusually thick, has an unusual amount of tape, has an irregular shape, soft spots or bulges, or the letter or package seems heavy for its size.
  4. Contents - Stiffness or springiness of contents; protruding wires or components; oily outer wrapping or envelope; feels like it contains powdery substance; is buzzing, ticking, or has a sloshing sound.
  5. Smell - Particularly almond or other suspicious odors.
  6. Writing - Handwriting of sender is not familiar or indicates a foreign style not normally received by recipient, or cut-and-paste or rub-on-block letters are used. Common words, names, or titles are misspelled, or special instructions like “fragile,” “confidential,” or “do not delay” are present.

suspicious package alert