Mission Continuity Software:

UC Ready

UC Ready is a mission continuity software tool that is implemented throughout the University of California system. This Web-based program is designed to help departments prepare for rapid resumption of the University's mission following any unexpected disruption (e.g. earthquake).

Existing UC Ready User

Once you have a UC Ready account, visit the login page at https://ucready-fusion.cloudforce.com. Login using your UCSB Single Sign-On. This URL cannot be bookmarked, so it may be helpful to keep the Continuity webpage bookmarked instead.


What is Mission Continuity?

Mission continuity is the ability to restore essential campus functions after a major disaster or disruptive event within the peak period of 30 days following the emergency. Mission continuity ensures our campus, departments, and services are resilient during a time of emergency.


Why Do We Need a Mission Continuity Plan?

The Mission Continuity Plan equips any person in a leadership role with the resources necessary to effectively manage the recovery process following a disruptive event.


Looking to the Past

These past events at UC Santa Barbara have demonstrated the importance of creating a mission continuity plan and its ability to accelerate the recovery of campus essential functions:

  • Covid-19
  • Closure of 101 freeway due to debris flow (1/9/2018)
  • Thomas Fire (2017)
  • Refugio Beach Oil Spill (2015)
  • Meningitis B vaccinations due to outbreak (2013-2014)


Need Help Developing Your Mission Continuity Plan?

The Emergency Management and Mission Continuity team holds monthly workshops every third Friday of each month from 10 am to 12 pm to help departments build their plan! These workshops can be attended in person at EH&S or via zoom. Contact Jim Caesar at james.caesar@ucsb.edu for more information.


Helpful Tips

  • Chose a Continuity Plan Lead who is tech savvy and will upload workbook content to UC Ready regularly.
  • Prepare the plan so that someone external or new to the department can easily follow (don’t use specific names, instead use position titles).
  • Consider department-specific busy seasons when scheduling deadlines.
  • Work with your local IT team to account for IT dependent elements in your plan.
  • Review UC Ready instructional videos accessible at the bottom of the page to guide the workbook upload process.


Steps for Creating the Plan

  1. Meet with the UC Santa Barbara Emergency Management and Mission Continuity (EMMC) Team and designate a Continuity Plan Lead from your department’s chosen committee to supervise the project.
  2. Review the continuity planning process as a committee with the EMMC Team and discuss project goals and timelines.
  3. Begin to complete the 6 provided workbooks as a committee to build your continuity plan.
  4. While Step 3 is being executed, the Continuity Plan Lead will concurrently work with the EMMC Team to gain access to UC Ready and upload the plan’s information as workbooks are completed.
  5. Complete tabletop exercises annually to fine-tune your continuity plan and educate your department on your plan.



  • STEP 1: Initial Meeting (2 hours)
  • STEP 2: Planning & Timeline (1 hour)
  • STEP 3: Workbooks (3-4 months)
    • Part 1: Details and Communications (2 weeks)
    • Part 2 (a,b,c): Essential Functions (2 months total)
    • Part (2a): Identify your Department’s Essential Functions (4-5 weeks)
    • Part (2b): Gather your Department’s Essential Functions information (2-3 weeks)
    • Part (2c): Input the Essential Function information into UC Ready (1 week)
    • Part 3: Line of Succession (2 weeks)
    • Part 4: Vital Records (2 weeks)
    • Part 5: Notes/Files (2 weeks)
    • Part 6: Annual Review Plan (1 week) Review and follow up on missing information (1 week)
  • STEP 4: Continuity Plan Lead concurrently work with EEMC (3-4 months)
  • STEP 5: Annual Review Meeting(2 hours)


James Caesar
Emergency Manager
Emergency Management and Mission Continuity
o./c. (805) 450-1437

UC Ready Videos

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