What is Mission Continuity?

Mission Continuity planning is the advance preparation and planning that will enable UC Santa Barbara to resume its critical operations following an event/disruption of any size or type.

What is a Mission Continuity Plan?

A Mission Continuity Plan is a collection of critical information that a person stepping into a leadership role would need in order to manage effectively during the recovery process. Whether it's a wildfire, a mudslide that closes the freeway, or some other natural or human-caused disaster, our campus must be prepared to carry on our core mission of teaching, research, and public service.

UC Ready

UC Ready is a mission continuity software tool that is implemented throughout the University of California system. This Web-based program is designed to help departments prepare for rapid resumption of the University's mission following any unexpected disruption (e.g. earthquake). 

Steps to Complete a Mission Continuity Plan

  1. Delegate a Continuity Lead and a Secondary Continuity Lead to complete your department’s Mission Continuity Plans (MCP). 
  2. The Continuity Lead should reach out to the Campus Emergency Manager to ask about upcoming training dates to sign up for.
  3.  After the training the Department Continuity Lead will gain access to UC Ready. 
    1. Receive access to your Department Google Shared Drive. 
      1. Use the Google Forms in the Google Shared Drive that will guide you in answering questions that will be put into UC Ready later on. 
    2. Receive access to Box Drive with videos on how to input the information you completed from the Google Forms into UC Ready. 
  4. Consider forming a Mission Continuity committee in your department to facilitate collaborative continuity planning.
  5.  Share your plan with the Campus Mission Continuity Specialist.
  6.  Drill and exercise your continuity plan. The Emergency Management and Mission Continuity Team can assist with planning and facilitating emergency and continuity exercises.


James Caesar
Emergency Manager
Emergency Management and Mission Continuuity
o./c. (805) 450-1437

Existing UC Ready Users

Once you have a UC Ready account, visit the login page at https://ucready-fusion.cloudforce.com/. Login using your UCSB Single Sign-On. 

This URL cannot be bookmarked, so it may be helpful to keep the Continuity webpage bookmarked instead.