During work hours (8 am to 5 pm)
Call EH&S at (805) 893-3194 for assistance.
After hours and weekends call (805) 893-3446

  • State that assistance is needed from EH&S Radiation Safety related to a radiation emergency.
  • State your name, phone number, location, and nature of the radiation emergency (personnel or area contamination).

Personnel Decontamination*

If a person has been contaminated with radioactive material:

  • Immediately remove all contaminated items of clothing.
  • Place contaminated items in a bag.
  • Wash contaminated skin with cold water and a non-abrasive mild soap.
  • If medical assistance is required, follow the guidance in the Medical Emergency tab in this guide.

Containing the Spill/Room Evacuation*

  • Notify people in the immediate area that a spill has occurred.
  • Confine/isolate the spill with absorbent paper or another suitable material.
  • If deemed appropriate, or if directed by EH&S, evacuate all people from the immediate area of the spill to a nearby location where they can be surveyed for contamination.
  • Close all doors to the contaminated room and post signs indicating the hazardous condition.
  • Limit the movement of contaminated people to reduce the spread of contamination.


radioactive content

*Decontamination of personnel and areas must be performed by people who are properly trained and who are wearing appropriate protective clothing, including disposable gloves, a lab coat, long pants and fully enclosed shoes (e.g., no shorts or sandals). Persons performing decontamination must have radiation-monitoring equipment appropriate for the radiation emitted by the radionuclide involved in the spill.