Emergencies can come without warning at any time. Being prepared physically and psychologically to handle unexpected accidents or disasters is an individual as well as an organizational responsibility. Your safety is of primary importance. UCSB Environmental Health & Safety has developed the UCSB Emergency Information Flip Chart to assist in minimizing the effects from such events. This guide should be displayed in all campus work areas. Download the Emergency Response Procedures - English Version.

Emergency Contact Numbers

Emergency Response Procedures - Spanish Version

For Immediate or Life Threatening Emergencies Dial 911 from Campus Phones.

If you have questions concerning a unique situation not covered in these procedures, or if you would like additional information regarding emergency preparedness, contact Environmental Health and Safety at (805) 893-7534, during normal business hours, or visit http://www.ehs.ucsb.edu.


Emergency Management

Active Shooter

Biological Spill Response

Bomb Threats

Chemical Incident

Civil Disturbance or Demonstration

Crime In Progress


Blood and Infections
Materials Exposure


Medical Emergency

Persons with Disabilities

Power Outages in Labs

Radioactive Incident

Severe Weather

Shelter in Place


Suspicious Package


Utility Failure